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Hire Me

I can bring your iOS app ideas to life. From start to finish, I’ll work with you to design, develop, and release your iPhone and iPad projects to the world.

My name is Adil. I’m the founder of ItsAboutCode. Over the past five years I’ve developed some really great apps for clients. I bring to the table the skills, experience, and professionalism needed to bring your iOS projects to life.

With a focus on quality, I build apps that stand the test of time. They are designed to be delightful and intuitive to use. The code is well-architected, maintainable, and reliable so your company can depend on it.

I can take technically challenging, complex problems and simplify them to make an app that anyone can use. My clients are guaranteed a good working relationship, effective communication, close attention to detail, and a final product that we are both proud of.

Are you looking to get your iOS project developed? I can help you get it done on time and on budget.

Hiring an expert iOS developer on contract will mitigate your project’s risk, eliminate training costs, and allow you to get started immediately.

I have the skills and experience needed to create best-in-class apps. I’m easy to work with and I’m able to handle all aspects of app development including interaction design, programming, and releasing on the App Store. When needed, I can leverage my network of amazing designers to help with the app’s icon, and look and feel.

If you have a project in need of top-quality design and development, and you’re looking for someone to take away the stress of your app development, we’ll be a good fit.

We’ll use a straightforward development process that’s simple to grasp yet flexible enough to adapt to changes as the app comes together. The process starts with us working together to determine your goals, time frames, and budget.

Contact me today to discuss your next project.